Artwork © Ayala Netzer

Consume by…

Chamber 15:00

fl, cl(bcl), barsx(ssx), tbn, perc, pf, eb, amp vc

Consume by… was commissioned by and and is dedicated to Doug O’Connor. It was composed in Cambridge, Massachusetts and completed in June of 2019.

Consume by… received its premiere alongside premieres of works by Robert Hasegawa, Robert Morris, Jeffery Mumford and Baljinder Sekhon on the program “Saxophone Genesis: New Works at the Kennedy Center”.

Consume by…

…plays with the notion of beat, whether it be the beat created by sound waves that cancel each other at periodic intervals, an instrument’s vibrato, deliberate repetition or an embodied sense of pulse. If beats are our main course, our side dishes must involve the lack of beat, and the metamorphosis of one pulse to a different pulse. Consume by… manifests my fascination with rhythm. In this piece, every musical element (such as timbre, harmony, melody, and contour) is sifted through the colander of rhythm and beat. Despite the title, I believe that explorations of rhythm and beat have no expiration date. Rather, the urgency of the music exhorts us to hurry up and do all of the things we wish to do or ought to do in our lives.

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