Jim Henson Memorial © 2003 Jay Hall Carpenter

Things That Woof and Things That Roar

Seven Songs for Jim Henson

Vocal 35:00

bass, pf

Things That Woof and Things That Roar: Seven Songs for Jim Henson was created at the suggestion of bass David Salsbery Fry. The poems are by Dennis Lee and were set to music by six composers using a variation on the exquisite corpse technique. My contribution to the cycle is the first song, “Faraway Child” and the last song, “The Hospice of My Heart”. The other composers for this project are Shawn Allison, Lembit Beecher, Ruby Fulton, Eric Nathan and Nicholas Vines. Both songs were composed in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I completed “The Hospice of My Heart” in July of 2016 and completed “Faraway Child” in July of 2018. Program notes are available here.

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